Mathieu Gilles

Junior Multimedia Graphic Designer



I am a French Graphic Designer and I am graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication . I have 18 months of experience in visual media creation (brochures, posters, newsletters...) and I want to make good use of my creativity in the graphic world.

I am passionate by the image communication and I like to bring some meaning to my creations. My former works on professionnal, personnal and student projects allowed me to improve my skills in communication, graphic design and video making.

I am currently looking for a job in which I can make use of my diverse skills. Furthermore, my autonomy and my curiosity are some of my best assets that will allow me to complete successfully future projects.

My works

My skills

My skills

I master several skills in communication
and in visual media creation such as
photomontage, digital illustration
video making, desktop publishing and


Thanks to my educational background
and my experience, I was able to broaden
my knowledge of the Adobe suite. I now
master Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign,
Xd, Premiere Pro and After Effect.

Web knowledge

During my studies, I learnt to use computer
languages like html, css, php or
I also had the occasion
to use Bootstrap and Wordpress.